Trek Savasana

Yoga Adventures

Travel is a huge part of my life.  I have been blessed to be able to explore the globe and come across inspiring people and places that have changed me in so many ways.

I’m incredibly passionate about sharing this thirst for adventure with others, and I hope that you’ll come along and join one of my future yoga excursions.  These are very intimate trips, with groups capped at 12 folks maximum.  It is a special team environment as we form lifelong bonds with folks from all corners of the globe while sharing a unique experience.

These trips are NOT your traditional “yoga retreats.”   While we certainly practice plenty of yoga and meditation throughout, the focus is on the adventure – the unknown.  Typically covering 2-3 weeks, we will integrate with local cultures while trekking across vast expanses of majestic wilderness.  You are guaranteed to be challenged and learn many new things about yourself as part of the journey.

At the moment, all of my upcoming trips are based in the Indian Himalaya, but I am looking forward to adding some trips across New Zealand, the Australia Outback, Spain, and Pacific Islands in the near future, so stay tuned!

Past Yoga Adventures

November 19-23, 2015: Bali Adventure Retreat

September 6-19, 2015: Ladakh Markha Valley Trek with Yoga & Meditation

October 4-18, 2015: Rishikesh & Gangotri Pilgrimmage with Trek to source of River Ganga & Mt. Shivling

July 20 – August 10, 2014:  Trans-Himalayan Lungser Kangri Trek with Yoga & Meditation

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