Corporate Wellness

I’ve worked in “real jobs” in offices before.  I know this environment can be stressful, exhaustive, and has a tendency to lead to unhealthy lifestyles. There are plenty of times where we just need to scream and let loose to achieve peace of mind.  I’ve been there… I totally get it… and now I can provide a solution.
Yoga is a beautiful outlet to combat the doldrums or insanity of the workplace. There are literally hundreds of benefits of bringing yoga classes into your corporate environment. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Increased energy + Decreased fatigue + Clear & Relaxed minds = Increased productivity
  • Improved posture, strength & flexibilty + Reduced stress, anxiety & depression = Healthier & Happier employees
  • Healthier employees = Lower health care premiums & Reduced absenteeism
  • Happier employees = Reduced staff turnover & Higher job satisfaction
  • Team Building & Camaraderie enhanced through group environment
  • Attractive to potential talent seeking employment with your company

While all the health, happiness, & “re-energizing” benefits are incredible for your employees, from a business standpoint, the bottom line is that a minor investment in corporate yoga will pay huge dividends in the form of Financial Benefits.
When I ask my corporate students what truly brings them to class,  some come for physical reasons, some to relieve stress, but the top response is that their time in yoga is a special opportunity to let go of their titles / roles / responsibilities / deadlines / quotas / etc. and just unwind in a comfortable setting, feeling recharged afterwards.

But don’t take my word for it, here are just a few testimonials from current corporate students:

  • “The reason why I come to yoga is because it is the only time that I have available during the week to  take time to focus on my myself and my fitness. My commute to work takes 2 hours and I have an infant at home so I love the fact that I can take an hour each week to just breathe, stretch and meditate and I get to do it at work!”
  • “I come to yoga class because it’s the one time that day that I can focus on me. I am not “mom,” or “employee”, “coworker,” or “Girlfriend.”  I am just me. There is no skill level required, just relax, do what you can do and remember to breathe! The wall is your friend”
  • “Yoga provides me the opportunity to take an hour for myself, away from the family, away from thoughts of work, and all the chores that await me when I get home. Besides, sitting all day makes my body tight; yoga gives me a chance to unwind and stretch! This class provides a safe environment and encouragement from others to keep on going.”
  • “Trevor is patient and kind. His class is great for those of us at any level.  The more advanced students inspire those of us with further to go. Trevor manages to help each of us get an individualized practice within the group. It’s fun, it’s effective and the last 15 minutes are sheer heaven.  I’m encouraging coworkers to join us.  My daughter and I even came to Yoga Loft (from Safety Harbor) for a Saturday class because twice a week just wasn’t enough. I feel like I’m gradually getting stronger and more flexible. I’m practicing at home on my own, and started working out again. At tonight’s class, I could feel that I was stronger than I’ve been and I could go further into my poses.  The ability to take my “lunch break” at work and practice yoga at the office makes it possible to do this. I’m thankful that the company implemented this, and that we get to work with Trevor.”

By offering Corporate Yoga classes in an on-site conference room or other facility, you are providing your employees with an opportunity to get their physical exercise in a place they spend most of their lives. The convenience is unparalleled. Whether it’s in the morning, lunch, or afternoon, I can come to your workplace and run a class just steps away from the desks of your employees.

Fees are negotiable and based on frequency and size of the classes.  Please inquire by emailing trevor@trevoryoga.com for further details.

Los Angeles Yoga Instructor